I. Tuition Fees:
Class                                                    In Advance per Term
B.A.,                                                     Rs. 500/- per term
B.Com.,                                               Rs. 500/- per term
B.Sc.,                                                   Rs. 500/- per term
(Liable of changes as per Government order)

II. Special Fees
1. Admission (All New Admissions)                                                                                                                                10.00
2. Library (All Students)                                                                                                                                                     45.00
3. Athletic & Gymnasium (All Students)                                                                                                                           50.00
4. College Magazine (AII Students)                                                                                                                                 30.00
5. College Calendar (All Students)                                                                                                                                  25.00
6. Stationery (All Students)                                                                                                                                               30.00
7. College Union and other Association Activities                                                                                                         40.00
8. Poor Students Aid Fund                                                                                                                                               10.00
9. Medical Examination                                                                                                                                                    10.00
a)      S.V.U. Tournament (Inter University)
b)      Inter University Cultural Festival Fee                                                                                                                     89.00
10. Registration Fee (for the first year students who have passed Inter Board of A.P.)                                           70.00
11. Recognition fee for students of other than A.P. Inter Board (First Year Students)                                            100.00
12. Matriculation Fee (1 st Year Students)                                                                                                                     70.00
13. Affiliation Fee (1 st Year Students only)                                                                                                                   80.00
14. Late Fee for admission                                                                                                                                            200.00
15. Re-Admission Fee                                                                                                                                                 1500.00
16. Late fee for Re-Admission                                                                                                                                    2000.00
17. University Development fee per annum(for1 st year)                                                                                           350.00

III. Laboratory Fees:
Students of Science including Psychology, Statistics and Computers have to pay Laboratory fee of Rs. 75/- per term or Rs. 150/- per annum for each science subject in addition to the above fees.
Mathematics students of I & II year classes have to pay Lab Fee of Rs. 75/- per each term and III year classes have to pay Lab fee Rs. 150/- per each term.

M.P.C.                                                  Rs. 300/- per term or Rs.600/- per year
M.P.E.                                                  Rs. 300/- per term or Rs.600/- per year
M.P.C.Sc                                             Rs. 300/- per term or Rs.600/- per year
C.P.Z                                                    Rs. 300/- per term or Rs.600/- per year
C.B.Z                                                    Rs. 300/- per term or Rs.600/- per Year
C.D.Z                                                    Rs. 300/- per term or Rs.600/- per Year
M.D.C                                                   Rs. 300/- per term or Rs.600/- per Year
M.E.C.Sc                                              Rs. 300/- per term or Rs.600/- per year
M.S.C.Sc                                              Rs. 300/- per term or Rs.600/- per year
B.A.                                                        Rs. 75/- per term or Rs.150/- per year
H.E.Psy                                                 Rs. 75/- per term or Rs.150/- per year
A.S.C.Sc                                                Rs. 225/- per term or Rs.450/- per year

Science Students, Students of B.Com.(Computers),Students of Statistics and Psychology must pay a refundable caution deposit of Rs. 25/- at the time of admission.

Maintenance, Spares, Accessories etc., Fee
Electronics                                                                                          Rs. 1000/- per annum
Computer Science                                                                             RS.2000/- per annum
Dairy Science                                                                                     Rs. 1000/- per annum
B.Com. (Computers)                                                                          RS.2000/- per annum
M.D.C                                                                                                   RS.2000/- per annum
M.S.C.Sc                                                                                             RS.2000/- per annum
A.S.C.Sc                                                                                              RS.2000/- per annum
M.E.C.Sc                                                                                              RS.3000/- per annum
B.B.C.                                                                                                   RS.4000/- per annum

The Academic year for the payment of fees divided into two terms as follows
I Term                                                            : 16-06-2012 to 08-10-2012
I Term Vacation                                           : 19-10-2012 to 28-10-2012
II Term                                                           : 29-10-2012 till the end of academic year.

1.      On joining the college, the students should pay the tuition fee and the laboratory fee per term on or before the 10th       working day after the reopening of the college.
2.      Every student should pay the whole term fee, in one installment. Special fees must be paid with the first term fee itself.
3.      The Term fee shall be paid not later than the 10th working day of the term.
4.      If a student fails to pay his fee on the last day fixed for payment, a fine of one rupee per day of late payment shall be collected till the last day of the month. After that his name will be struck off from the rolls. However, on his re-admission after payment of the dues, he shall not get attendance for the period of his absence.


1.      The Principal may recommend deserving poor boys for financial assistance from the poor students Aid Fund.
2.      The Principal may recommend poor and deserving students for the concessions offered by the state government and the central government.
3.      Students taking BA courses with Telugu under Part-II will be considered for full tuition fee concession on the basis of merit.
4.      Blind students are exempted from payment of college fee such as tuition fee and examination fee and they will be paid RS.1000/- each as stipend per annum.
5.      T.TD. Employee’s children are eligible for tuition fee concession.
6.      Students who study Indian Culture under Part-II are exempted from payment of tuition fee.

Provision exists for the following Government scholarships (for award of any scholarship, 75% of attendance is compulsory).

1.      Govt.of India Scholarship (Social Welfare) General.
2.      State Social Welfare Scholarship
a.      Scheduled caste and scheduled Tribe Scholarship.
b.      Listed Backward class Scholarship.
c.       Economically Backward Class Scholarship.
3. National Loan Scholarship
4. Scholarship to students of Non Hindi speaking states for post matric courses in Hindi.
5. State Merit Scholarship to the children of primary and Secondary school teachers.
6. National merit Scholarship Only students who passed.
7. State Special Merit Scholarship
8. State general merit scholarship
9. Scholarship for children of A.P. Govt., Servants who died while in service
10. Scholarship for the children of Ex-servicemen.
11. Scholarship for the children of Freedom Fighters.
12. Scholarship for the Physically Handicapped
13. Sports Talent Scholarship.
14. Scholarship for Poor Boys


§  Students of scheduled castes and Scheduled Tribes.
§  S.C. & S.T. Students whose parent’s income is up to 1,00,000/- Rupees per annum.
§  On the basis of merit the Scholarship will be given to those whose parent’s income up to 1,00,000/-Rupees per annum.
§  These applicants have to get 50% minimum average marks and their parents’ income up to 1,00,0001/-Rupees per annum.

As per Govt. of India Rules
§  Students whose mother tongue is not Hindi and who have taken Hindi as one of the subject with more than 45% marks in the qualifying examination
§  Children of working Teachers of recognized schools with an average of 60% marks
§  Intermediate or equivalent examination with high distinction

§  On the basis of merit, from among those who scored a minimum 55% average marks.

§  Only children of those who died while in A.P. Govt. service need apply.

§  Children of Ex-servicemen who have put in not less than 5 years of service.

          Information to be obtained in the college office.