The College provides instruction in the following courses Three Year U.G Course and P.G. Courses
1) BA                                                  2) B.Com.                                            3) B.Sc.
4) M.SC.(Organic Chemistry)            5)M.F.M

From 2015-16 On wards all the U.G Courses in Semester Mode only

Subjects of Study

Subject under Part-I common to BA, B.Com., & B.Sc., Courses

                                           PART - I

Common to B.A., B.Sc., and B.Com.
(A) English
(B) Telugu or Hindi or Sanskrit
(C) Foundation Course – I (I year I Semester for 50 Marks) & Communication and Soft Skills (I year I Semester for 50 Marks)

     Computer Knowledge – I(I year II Semester for 50 Marks)   
      Environmental Studies (I year II Semester for 50 marks)

Courses & Combinations

I.  B.A.
1.      Accounts, Statistics, Computer Science (E.M.)
2.      History, Economics & Politics (H.EP.) (E.M.&TM.)
3.      History, Politics & Ad. English (H.P.E)(E.M)
4.      History, Economics & Indian Culture(H.Elc.) (TM.)
5.      History, Economics & Psychology (H.EPsy.) (TM.)
6.      History, Politics & Ad. Telugu (H.P.T) (TM.)
II.  B.Com.
   Part-II Special Subjects - Corporate Accounting and Advanced Management Accountancy.

III.  B.Com (Computer Applications)

IV.  B.Sc.
1.      Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry (M.P.C.) (EM.& TM.)
2.      Physics, Chemistry & Zoology (P.C.Z.) (E.M.)
3.      Chemistry, Botany & Zoology (C.B.Z.) (E.M.&TM.)
4.      Mathematics, Physics & Electronics (M.P.E)(EM.)
5.      Mathematics, Physics & Computer Science (M.P.C.Sc) (EM.)
6.      Chemistry, Dairy Science & Zoology (C.D.Z.) (EM.)
7.      Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science (M.s.C.SC)(E.M)
8.      Mathematics, Electronics & Computer Science(M.EC.Sc) (E.M.)
9.      Microbiology, Dairy Science & Chemistry (MDC) (EM.)
10.  Biotechnology, Botany & Computer Applications (Biotech. B. Compo Appl.) (EM.)

P.G. COURSES Started in the year 2008-2009

1.      M.Sc., Organic Chemistry
2.      M.Com (Financial Management)

1.      Students who passed Intermediate with Mathematics and Physical Sciences Combination only are eligible for M.P.E., M.P.C., M.P.C.Sc., & M.E.C.Sc.
2.      Students who passed Intermediate with Chemistry and Zoology only are eligible of PCZ, CBZ, CDZ & MDC.