Sri Venkateswara Arts College has been continuously in NSS since its inception with the major objective of providing ample opportunities to the youths to involve themselves in social activities and ultimately developing their personality. 420 NSS volunteers from various departments are actively participating in all NSS activities of Sri Venkateswara Arts College. NSS takes streneous efforts to inculcate in the minds of the students the voluntary participation in community service while they are studying in educational institutions.

Every year elocution and essay competitions are organized on personality development, leadership development and national integration to motivate students and to build leadership and communication abilities.

A ten day special camp is organized every year. Developing infrastructure in the adopted village, leadership programme, tree planting, medical camp, progarmme on preserving water resources, voters awareness, free legal - aid awareness, women and children welfare are the important activities undertaken by students in the special camping programme. Students' cultural progrmame forms part of special camping activities.